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My Dearest Husband

I am so incredibly lucky to have a spouse that is a nurturing caregiver yet pushes me when I need it.

First, if not for him, I sincerely doubt I would have ever called 911. I was just so out of it and apathetic about my hemiplegia. One of the more humorous things (looking back it is funny) was when my husband was bent over me and yelling “how can you not be freaking out that you can’t move your left side?!!” and all I could think of was “I don’t know” I guess it just didn’t seem to be a big deal, I was so disconnected with my body.

Second, he spent every single moment in the hospital with me possible. When allowed to stay overnight, he was there for 2 weeks straight, 22 hours a day (I encouraged him to shower and change clothing!).

Third, he is such a caring person that didn’t balk at any task that was asked of him. In some ways, I am glad that I stroked instead of him – I don’t think I could measure up to his caregiving abilities and patience (definitely not the patience part!).

As if you didn’t figure it out by now – this blog is dedicated to my wonderful husband of 5 1/2 years (although we have been together for 17 years total – high school sweethearts).

He is my biggest & loudest cheerleader cheer.gif and I hope he knows how much I appreciate all that he is and has done. hug.gif

Thank you, buttnugget!

Love, your wife.


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