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Grace, defined

I have never been particularly graceful but I usually saved myself from extreme embarrassment (usually!)

Boy how that has changed since the stroke. I have fallen enough times to not count any longer. Today, as I was walking and stepping up on a curb, my left leg didn’t lift high enough & my toes caught the curb. I tried wildly to hurry it up to catch myself, but *nooooo*! In an uppity scale neighborhood, I went flailing onto the rather new (read: very rough) sidewalk scraping both knees along with my hands. Swan Lake, it was not. I am still red-faced. Since I am on Coumadin (an anti-coagulant), the bleeding was profuse. A very nice and concerned shop owner stepped out and offered her first aid kit (halleluya!). After blotting and cleaning, a large bandage with neosporin was applied. An hour later, blood filled the bandage so full, it was oozing out of the bottom.


Of course.

Lordy, lordy, could I please get a break?!! A new bandage and plenty of rubberneckers later, all is contained.

Will I ever be normal? Do I want to be?


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