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My 5 month checkup with the neurologist went swimmingly. The poor guy has no sense of humor, I swear. He asked what happened to my knees. I told him that Mr. Bob pushed me (very obvious that I was joking) and he just looked at us. Mr. Bob said that I had to tell the truth (buzzkill) so I did.

Dr. Humorless asked if there was any recent progress and we told him that I can now skip Clap-Hands.gif

He looked shocked and shook his head, I nodded my head smiling widely. He proceeded to explain the dangers of skipping how I could fall and break something putting him in a tough position to deal with it. All I could think was “skipping? you know – hop with right leg, hop with left leg while moving forward? Skipping is what children do. OH MY GOD, THE CHILDREN!!!”

Gimme a break already dry.gif

We are happy about the skipping and the step that it represents toward running, freedom and happiness. Phoey on Dr. Humorless.


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I have been trying to get back into running so each night, my husband and I alternate regular walking with brisk walks and walking backwards. The night before last, I gripped hubby’s hand and said “let’s try to skip” he asked if I was sure since I haven’t been successful with it in the past and I said “c’mon, let’s try it!” So, holding tightly to his hand for balance and support…


I couldn’t do it for long since my left leg wasn’t cooperating fully, but I did it!

We tried again last night and I guess it took – I skipped again, for longer!

I am so excited about this. One of my PT people asked “Is skipping that big of a deal?” when I complained that I couldn’t.

It is that big of a deal.

Skipping to me represents being carefree and utterly happy. I have wanted to be that again so badly. I know that I’m not completely there yet, but boy oh boy does it feel good to be able to skip again.

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