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10 Months Out

It isn’t a particularly special strokaversary (like the year event) but I think it is important to recognize how different things are now.

I am back in PT because my affected ankle is still too weak and some muscles in the calf are too atrophied to help in walking/running/balancing. Although the PT helps immensely, it is hard as well because of the initial memories of PT when I simply tried to stand and had to be toiletted.

I have mentioned this before – I miss my confidence the most and I truly believe that I am getting it back slowly, oh so slowly. It is honestly the part of me that hurt the most when I lost it and the one thing that I miss the most.

I have my final dissertation defense scheduled for a month from now (YIKES!!) and I discover then if I have graduated and the ceremony will be in December.

Life is going on and I am hanging in there, by gosh


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