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16 Months

Not yet a year and a half since I fell over. I am trying to be patient which is not my strong suit. Over the weekend, we bought a trampoline. After 4 hours of unpacking and setting it up, we bounced and bounced and bounced!

Bob has a friend that broke his back many years ago and had partial paralysis in his lower legs. Throughout rehabilitation, he said that the thing that seemed to help the most was using a trampoline. So, we bought a trampoline – a big one. It is in our backyard and has a large safety net surrounding it so that I won’t bounce right out of our yard.

The fact that it provides balance opportunities since it is instable is great according to my physical therapist. Our plan is to bounce for 15-20 minutes a night. The hardest part for me is getting in and out of the netting, it is a little awkward and probably amusing to watch, but I managed it all on my own last night. It is a surprising workout as well – we get our heart rates up a good bit while bouncing.

I promised Bob that I will re-evaluate everything at the 2 year mark. I will try my best to be patient and work at recovery (not that I will give up at that point, but this is my current goal).


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