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Bob woke up at 5:30 am feeling nauseous on Sunday morning. He didn’t want breakfast. We went to eat for lunch and he wasn’t feeling much better. Then he said his left hand was feeling tingly. I drove him to the hospital and he felt like he was going to pass out. They took him back into the ER area and took his blood pressure and temp. His blood pressure was a little low (84/65) and his temp high (100-101) so they started him on antibiotics and fluids. He went through waves of nausea and when he was feeling okay, his BP was good (120/83) and when he felt awful, his BP dropped really low (at one point it was 64/33). The ER doc couldn’t figure it out so they ended up admitting him around 1:00 am. His temp even fluctuated from 100-101 to 95.8.

He didn’t eat much of anything on Sunday and nothing at all on Monday. The docs decided it would be best to keep him another night and took x-rays of his lungs and belly. The x-ray tech said his lungs were very long. When the results came back, the doc said that some of his intestines are distended and look like they stopped working for a bit. There was a possibility that this was a virus or bacteria in his intestines/bowels so more antibiotic and fluids.

I stayed with him the whole time and we began to compare hospital visits. Of course we were vying to each have the worst visit (!)

His hospital stay:

No ‘food cart’ at designated times, he actually calls for room service and orders off a menu when he is hungry (much better than my experience)
Free movies and internet service (I had the 77 channels of crud & no movies or internet)
Nice private, clean room (mine was neither)
His problem was undiagnosable in the end (mine was diagnosed quickly)

While the comparison is not fair since I stayed for nearly a month and he stayed for less than 2 days and mine was in a metropolitan area of Orlando and his was in the small town of Bloomington, IL – I WIN!!! (ha!)

As usual, sleep was a rare commodity in the hospital (as it is in every hospital). He got his appetite back on Tuesday with a prescription to finish a round of antibiotics.

He decided to stay with me for the week instead of flying to Orlando for 2 days and coming right back here. Luckily he can telecommute.

It is nice to have him here & I’m glad he is better


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