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You are welcome for the earworm. 🙂

I have a new relationship with time, post-stroke. BS (before stroke), I understood time and was on good terms with it – I knew, for instance, how long a quick stop (store, home, bathroom, etc.) would take. Now, I find time to be groovily fluid and my understanding of it is elusive at best. I’ve tried again and again to explain what I mean to Bob, but how can you articulate the concept of time to begin with? Once the concept is clear, how do you explain your understanding/relationship with it? ~sigh~ It seems simultaneously important and impossible to explain. I’m hoping that the relationship will improve with more experience.

New & good news – I have figured out how to ‘push off’ with my foot when walking. It was something that the experimental therapy team in SC tried to help me with, but I couldn’t connect enough with my foot to be able to work on it. It is the final action of your foot in contact with the floor/ground. Your foot pushes off (hence the name) to propel your foot/let forward for the next step. I didn’t have that. I used either momentum or my hip flexor/quadricep to pull my leg forward.

I found the connection & am working on it now. I can feel it. ~ahem~ I meant to say I CAN FEEL IT!!! 🙂

The work with the therapist is good. Slow, but good. I’m not saying that I don’t have the answers (coughCarolcough), I just need someone to find out where I have this information stored. I truly believe that we already know the answers to our problems, we sometimes need someone to be a sounding board or to help us find the information within.

Deep, huh?!


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