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You are welcome for the earworm!

After the fires (Dismal Swamp, VA), earthquake (Mineral, VA), and hurricane (Irene), it indeed seems like something is going on, right?! I simply await the locusts.

In response to concern noted by Bob, my dad, and my brother, I drove to Wake Forest, NC to wait out the hurricane with my brother. Although I was totally bullied into going, I really had a blast. I got there Friday evening, and after a delicious dinner at the Mellow Mushroom, we decidedly bruised our collective beer muscle. We pickled our livers. We got pissed up. We got sauced. You get the idea. My favorite part was drunk-dialing Bob’s cell phone. He can’t get cell service well in Nigeria so he forwards his voicemails to google-whateveritiscalled. Basically, the voicemail is translated to text via email. I cannot wait to see what the translation will be if Bob ever sends them to me (~20 total from Friday night – trust me, we were very funny).

A lot has happened since I last wrote. As noted above, my decisions now are clearly different given my medical history. BS (before stroke), I would have ridden out the storm in my home. But, because I don’t trust my anxiety, I give in to others much more easily. A good thing? I don’t know. No need for value judgment, I guess.

A recent observation – I apparently have good and bad days in relation to stairs. I was collecting data for a study that required me to travel a flight of stairs multiple times a day. You would think that as time went on, that I would get better at it, right? Surprisingly, no. Some days, I took those stairs like there was chocolate at the top and I was PMSing. Other days, I had to grip the railing to practically pull myself up the steps. It was really odd to me. Hopefully the bad days are fewer and farther between than the good eventually.

Oooh, I almost forgot – we had a *very* exciting weekend right before Bob left for Nigeria. I had a 3-day weekend by working my 40 hours in M-Th. On Saturday night/Sunday morning at 2:00 am, I got up and wasn’t feeling well. Bob woke up and asked if I was okay. “think so” was the response. After getting halfway into the bathroom, Bob heard a thud and crawled (he broke his foot a few weeks ago) over and kept saying my name. He said that I was unconscious and not breathing. (Meh, I’ve been worse) I finally came to but didn’t know where I was or what was going on. Bob called 911 and I got taken to the hospital. I got an IV & all that good stuff (including morphine, but I HATE morphine). Doctors couldn’t find anything wrong so I went back home at 6 am. I figured out what it was Sunday evening – I had forgotten to take the antidepressants for 3 (THREE!) days. Apparently this causes a revolt. A mutiny. A strike. You get the idea. So, I have not forgotten since then. It was not pleasant.

I read some more information about right side brain damage on the Mayo Clinic website as well as the American Stroke Association website and found some really interesting information. Right side brain damage can create some interpersonal issues. For instance, we tend to misread or simply misunderstand body language and tone. ASS (after Sherri’s stroke), I noticed an uptick in the amount of dents in my shin from Bob kicking me under the table when I would say things that were inappropriate, blunt, tactless, you get the idea. Even though I *know* that I am lacking the skill, I still have difficulty with it. Like it is impossible to hold a conversation and read nonverbal language at the same time. This has not helped me. Although, it provides entertainment after the fact.

Lastly, I continue to have age/time issues. I am getting better with estimating the amount of time it will take me to do something and not get overwhelmed with it. However, I continue to have difficulty comprehending the passing of time. The changing of the seasons baffles me – not on a level of intelligence, I understand the whys and hows and whatnot, I am baffled that it is now summer and that fall is on its way with cooler weather. Jeez, look at that, I suck at trying to explain this. In addition, seeing people age (family, friends, actors, you get the idea) astounds me. BS, I understood the concept and expected it & was never surprised by it. While I still understand the concept, it really escapes me and leaves me stunned when it happens.

In sum – life is good and improving. Yes, that is a blunt ending, but I have no ‘Lessons of the Day’ shit, sorry. 🙂


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