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I know! I know! I know!

I recently read a new booklet for strokers called “Mapping the Brain” while preparing for my new project – starting a support system for new strokers at the hospital where I volunteer.

One of the pages details the behavioral differences between right- and left-brain damage. I planned to skim it because I’ve read it so often in other articles. Well, something caught my eye – Right brain damage can cause…

drum roll please

Problems keeping track of time!

I know! I have an advanced degree and yet I couldn’t articulate what I was feeling & this cute little booklet just up and described it perfectly.

When explaining it to Bob, I finally got the perfect example:

Imagine that I time you on your trip to the bathroom. You go in, do your business, *wash your hands!*, and come back to me. I say “how long do you feel it took?” and you respond “3 minutes”. The stopwatch shows 2 seconds.

It wouldn’t feel accurate, right? That is how I feel all the time. Always. About everything. I had 10 minutes before a meeting & didn’t feel as though that were enough time to stop by the bathroom before the meeting started. It isn’t rational, but just like when I showed you empirical evidence that it only took you 2 seconds to go to the bathroom, and you felt like you *knew* that it was longer, it is hard to over-ride the feeling.

I am hoping to share some cool news as soon as I hear about the program I am starting at the hospital – hopefully it comes through, how cool!

🙂 Be well.


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