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Sleepy, good life!

So, last time we talked, we went over the seizures that I was having. Turns out that it is a pretty bad thing. Who knew? Since the angiogram was normal, I saw a neurologist and he diagnosed me with tonic seizures – tonic meaning that I’m stiff when seizing, not clonic (jerky).

He recommended an anti-convulsant. I’m on 25 mg now and titrate to 100 mg over a month. Since it is a mood-stabilizer, I am decreasing the anti-depressant. Are there any other ‘anti’ meds out there? Maybe I’m missing out on other good drugs.

Just to make life interesting, the anti-convulsants make me exhausted. Tired and totally wiped out. Thursday night I slept for 11 hours, Friday another 11 hours, and Saturday was 10 hours. Last night was 9 hours but I could take a nap right here and now and I am totally not a napper.

Hopefully, since I’m at the lowest dose right now, my body will learn to tolerate the drug and the exhaustion will go away. Especially since I’m most likely never going to be able to get off the drug (I would have to pass a neuro test that I haven’t been able to pass since the stroke. Plus, seizures = yuck).

So, with that out of the way, lets talk about the good stuff!!

1. I’m totally starting to ‘get’ time. I’m very excited about how much I am improving with the time loss issue. Yay!

2. The neurologist looked at my MRI/CT/angiogram results and said that while a good part of the damage was in the basal ganglia, the other part is just forward (and part of) the motor cortex. He said this affects initiation – starting to do something. Why is this good news, you ask? Because what a relief that it isn’t me having difficulty with tasks, it is the initiation of the task that is the issue. Mostly it has to do with physical initiation of things – stairs (as I have mentioned a quadrillion times before), getting on/off my bicycle, sometimes with walking. I haven’t noticed the equivalent of cognitive initiation problems (talking, thinking, writing, etc.), but now that I know that it is a problem, it is so very much easier to deal with. Yay!

3. I have plants again! This is an awesome deal for me. It is the first big step that I feel that I can take care of something outside of myself/my head. I’m so very excited! I have to reign myself in because I want to buy them all! I want ALL of the plants! I love indoor plants the most and have 2 now, but I have a couple tomato plants, some basil, rosemary, thyme, hydrangeas, begonias, and daisies. I tried my hand at a couple last year, but didn’t feel confident and didn’t have a good yield because I didn’t pay attention to them. Oh my heck you guys – I am so very excited about my beautiful plants!

I wish you all a very happy and healthy summer!


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